Can you host and build a website anonymously?

Build a website anonymously

I am writing this post assuming that my readers are not planning to build a website anonymously for illegal reasons, and will assume that, maybe you are living in a country in which free speech does not exist. But who am I to judge anyone?

In this post, you will learn how to buy a domain name and set up web hosting without needing to give so much as your name. Once finished it will be impossible for anyone to know who the website belongs to.

You will need:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  2. Crypto Currency Wallet
  3. Anonymous domain registrar
  4. Anonymous web hosting


Firstly download and use a decent VPN. There are many to choose from. I use Proton VPN but any will do the trick. They offer free and paid versions as well as anonymous email addresses that do not require 2-factor authentication, or a backup email address. Make sure that you turn on your VPN when working on the website and do your work in an incognito window (CTRL N).

build a website anonymously

Crypto Wallet

You will need a crypto wallet to make anonymous payments online. The only things we will be paying for are the website hosting and domain registration. If you are not used to paying for things using Crypto, Coinbase is fairly easy to use.

Domain Registrar

Most domain registrars such as Godaddy and Namecheap are commonly used when buying cheap 2$ domains, but they all require identification at some stage as well as a telephone number. You want to give as little information as possible.

Njalla is the company that I use every time. All you need is an email address. Any email will do but to leave absolutely no trace, create one that does not require personal details or a telephone number to set up, such as Proton Mail as mentioned previously.

Once you have created a Njalla account, they will send you an email which you need to confirm. Then once you Login, click domains, select your domain, and click check-out, it will then ask you to add funds.

You can choose from Paypal or Crypto Currencies to add funds to the account. Choose the Crypto Currency that you wish to use, ie, Bitcoin. Once you have selected your payment method, you will then be given Njalla´s wallet address to send the funds. 

build a website annonymously
build a website annonymously

Now there is one important thing to point out. It is impossible to buy a domain and have it not registered to a person or a business. We have chosen Njalla because the domain that you buy will actually be registered to them. So, if anyone comes looking, they will find that your domain is legally registered to, and owned by Njalla.

Domain names also cost a minimum of 15€ with many costing 35€ – 50€, but this is fare since Njalla is the one taking the risk. Even if a government contacts them requesting to know who is behind the website, Njalla could not tell them, as even they do not know who you are. However, I doubt it will ever come to that, since they are registered in Belize and Njalla belongs to Peter Sunde, a privacy activist and co-founder of The Pirate Bay! Visit Njalla´s website to buy your domain

Private Web Hosting

Now for the final part, getting your website online. We are now going to host your website, and we are going to do this with a company registered in Iceland. Iceland has the strictest privacy laws in the world! Stories can be found all over the internet about Icelandic companies refusing to give personal details of their customer to the FBI! 

The country is infamous for its support of whistleblowers.

The company we are going to use is Orange Website. Again, no personal details other than an email address are required when setting up an account. Hosting prices are still very competitive and very simple to set up. You can buy domains from Orange Website as well, but I like to leave an additional security measure between the registrar and hosting provider for that added extra privacy protection. When choosing your hosting plan, you will have the option to pay using Bitpay or PayPal, Choose BitPay to add funds to your account.

Build a website anonymously

Now you have completed all the steps to get set up. Not once have you published your name and phone number, and you have hidden your IP address using the VPN. All that is needed now, is to jump back to Njalla and point the DNS (Domain Name Server) records to your new Orange Website Hosting account!

For added security, you could now change your Crypto wallet address a few times and then close down the account, but I really don’t think it is necessary. 

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