The most affordable way of buying data!

Buying Data

Without data we have no clients and as the demand increases, so do the lead generation costs. Buying data is not as cheap as it once was.

According to WordStream, Google Ads cost per lead has increased for 91% of industries! With the cost for some industries increasing by 134%.

You once were able to buy batches of leads by the thousands to run your cold calling operations, but it appears that the same leads are now being battered time and time again. Employing a team of digital marketers to run campaigns, build websites and capture data is probably the best way forward for large companies, but you have to be prepared to invest time and money to achieve the results you need.

How do smaller companies compete in digital marketing?

For many companies, just a few hot leads each day can be a make-or-break situation. This is why THS Solutions will be offering a first come first served service on small quantities of hot and warm leads. The Fortune 500 companies are not interested in a few golden nuggets, but these leads are still hot and there is nothing worst than sitting back and watching hot leads go cold.

Whether you are working in compensation claims, travel, estate planning, or the home improvement sector, THS Solutions may be able to provide data on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  1. Receive a notification when a lead arrives
  2. Check to see if the lead is good for your company
  3. Make a small purchase for that lead!

Options when buying data

Instead of paying out thousands of pounds on data, just buy what your need when you need it. Or, if you want to buy batches of warm leads, we can help with that also. Set yourself a budget, and we will take care of the marketing on your behalf. Leads can cost as little as £5!

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