Is the timeshare industry stuck in the past?

Timeshare Digital Marketing

Whilst most industries have gotten with the times and adapted to the digital world, it seems that one industry is still lagging behind, using outdated techniques.

If it´s not broken, don´t fix it

This seems to be the motto that many timeshare resorts in Europe are still going by. It might seem to be working on the outside, as more sales decks are opening and appear to be recovering and running as they did pre-pandemic. However, it only appears this way because the timeshare industry was never running at its full potential. It has been broken for years, but went unnoticed!

Blinded by the increase in sales, many timeshare resorts and call centres are celebrating the fact that they are making a profit instead of focusing on the bigger picture with the possibilities of tripling revenue and improving productivity!

Call Centres

Packed call centres focus their time cold calling the same clients time and time again. Companies are risking huge fines for breaking GDPR and spending way too much money unnecessarily on wages when the same results could be achieved with a third of the employees when calling fresh data! Running a social media lead generation campaign combined with a successful email workflow will provide high-converting data and improve productivity.


We are not saying that digital marketing can completely replace human contact, as there are closing techniques that simply cannot be achieved digitally. However, handing out scratch cards using trickery to build a cold line is outdated!

Timeshare Digital Marketing

Turn that cold line into a hot line! Using digital marketing to improve your cold line may be an additional cost, since most OPC´s work on commission only, however, digital marketing will allow you to reach an audience unobtainable to many OPC´s. Promote your vacation club and incentives to guests whilst they sunbathe at their pool or whilst they are sat in their hotel room. Gift Hoppa can deliver hot qualified enquires from people who actually want to visit your hotel, understand why they are touring and will do so with an open mind. No trickery is involved, and with pre-booked tours, you can use micro-marketing to alter the consumer´s views on timeshare prior to their arrival for the meeting!

Hire someone experienced in timeshare digital marketing

These are a few quick fixes that will improve your resort´s revenue. For a more detailed timeshare digital marketing strategy tailored specifically to your resort, you can hire a digital marketer that specialises in the timeshare industry for just 20€ per hour plus commission. Contact me via LinkedIn on the link below.