The importance of in-house marketing

The importance of in-house marketing

As more and more companies opt for external data houses to purchase their leads, you are missing out on that crucial customer relationship! Sure, your cost per lead can be reduced by buying externally, but you are not making the most of your data if it ends there. This article will explain the benefits and importance of in-house marketing.

The CRM graveyards where leads go to die!

Every profitable company will be using a CRM, however, not every company will be using their CRM for what it was designed to do! A CRM is a Customer Relationship Manager, they are a marketing tool designed to nurture your clients and guide them down a sales funnel until they are ready to be paying customers.

Stop treating your CRM as a fancy Excel sheet or confusing it with a dialler. When you view a lead in your CRM you should be able to see your customer’s path, what they are viewing on your website, and how they are reacting to your social media posts and emails. Use your CRM to understand your customer and improve your close rate.

Are you working on every lead?

So, you are purchasing enough leads for your call centre externally, they come in, they get phoned… then what? are they sold to during first contact, is an appointment made for a sales rep? What happens to a lead that says no, or doesn´t answer the phone?

If there is any gap between receiving a lead and that lead being spoken to, that gap needs to be filled! Utilise this time and promote your brand, learn about the client behind the phone number, and make them understand the importance of your product or service. A customer is 5 times more likely to make a purchase from a company whose name they recognise.

If a client does not deal or is uncontactable, that does not mean they will never deal, or will never answer, it just means that they were not ready! Purchasing data externally to save money, just to send it to die in your CRM is a false economy.

As an external generator, we understand the benefits of outsourcing, this is why this is our business. But every great external generator was once an in-house marketer, therefore, we understand the importance of both.

The importance of in-house marketing

An in-house marketer gets to understand your company from all levels. They will understand your sales process, your sales pitch, the objections you face, and cancellation reasons. This is something that you will never get with an external generator. An in-house marketer can turn dead leads into gold with the right sales funnel in place, they can reduce cancellations, increase conversions promote your brand, and generate new organic leads.

If you believe that your company is doing great without in-house marketing, you are wasting your potential, you could be doing greater!