Cash FX is going viral in the Canary Islands, but what is it?

What is Cash FX

We have all seen the posts flooding our news feed about people claiming to be retired now at 40. They simply deposit just 300€ into AN ACCOUNT and watched it grow by 40€ per month, and in 5 years they claim to be making 12,000€ per month!

This obviously seems to be one of those too good to be true stories, right? Well… here at THS Solutions, we have curiously taken that tiny leap of faith to see exactly how this works and whether or not this is in fact the next biggest thing since Bitcoin, or the run-of-the-mill Ponzi Scheme, and here is what we have found.

We deposited 300€ into CashFX on the 7th of July, as stated on their website, and with the many people sharing their “own personal success stories” we did receive a commission on the following Sunday, just 3 days later, in the amount of 1.68$ USD. Slow growth to 12,000€ a month, however, every Sunday we have seen a commission or approximately 8$USD deposited into our balance. Providing the commission increases at this amount, which is actually well above any interest rate seen from a financial institute, it will take approximately 31 weeks to recover the initial 300€ investment.

Is this a good investment?

As far as an investment goes, if returns like this consist, it is considered a very good investment. It is important to understand that Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

Based on our experience of using CashFX, if you were to withdraw 300€ after the 31 weeks, you were to keep your initial investment in, every week you would earn a commission of 8$, making you just over 400€ a year.

Can you earn more than 400€ per year?

Providing that the results perform exactly how they have for us, to earn more you would simply deposit more. You also make money on people you recommend using CashFX, which is why your Facebook news feed is flooded with your friends’ success stories.

Is it possible to earn 12,000€ per month?

Very unlikely, however, it seems very possible to eventually make a sustainable monthly income, providing that you invest your earnings back into it for 5 years and recommend friends to join.

Could I lose my money?

There are no risk-free investments. Yes, it’s possible to lose your money as it is with anything. Our advice, which is exactly how we plan to do it, is to withdraw the initial 300€ from our earning balance after the 31 weeks so that there is no actual cost to us. We will invest the money we earn back into the system for 5 years… and then hopefully sit back and reap the rewards.

If investing 300€ will leave you short on cash, or put you in a borrowing situation, our advice is don´t do it. If you have 300€ spare, and you’re not going to miss it, it might be worth a punt. Most people didn´t trust Cryptocurrency when it came around, but there are many millionaires that came from investing in Bitcoin and other Crypto. There is a risk, but… in 5 years do you want to be thinking that could have been me? It needs to be a decision that you are comfortable making, a financial no-brainer!

How do you start investing?

Step 1 – Create a Bitcoin wallet if you do not already have one

Currently, you have to invest using Bitcoin. If you are not familiar with Bitcoin, we recommend using Coinbase. Once you create an account it is simple to buy Bitcoin using any debit or credit card. Also, it is important to know, for any newbie to the Crypto world, just because a single Bitcoin is worth thousands of Euros, it does not mean that you have to buy complete coins. You can purchase just 300€ worth if that is all your need. To create a Coinbase account click the button below. It is free to create a Coinbase account.

Step 2 – Create a CashFX account

The good thing that we noticed with CashFX is that there are explainer videos on their website every step of the way, explaining everything from buying Bitcoin to making your first investment. It is free to create an account with CashFX and it is a very secure site. It can seem daunting at first when making the investment if you are new, but if your follow their online instructions you cannot go wrong.