Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing Lead Generation

If you are running a call centre in Europe you have strict data protection regulations to abide by. Generating your own leads can cost you more than if you were to use a telemarketing lead generation company. Paying for your own in-house marketing team can be expensive, and if you do not understand GDPR you are at risk being fined thousands of euros if you were to make one simple mistake.

Types of lead generation companies

Depending on what you are aiming to achieve there are different types of lead generation companies to choose from. In this post we will focus on B2C lead generation companies. 

B2C Lead Generation Companies

B2C (Business to Customer) lead generation companies are easier to find and generally have a lower CPL (Cost per Lead). This is due to a much broader audience being available, with multiple marketing platforms for you to target consumers. That being said, due to the multiple platforms available, it can become time consuming to AB test campaigns in order to find the most cost-effective strategy.

B2C Leads are almost always cheaper than B2B (Business to Business), however, they do tend to need additional nurturing. B2B leads will come at a high price per lead but they generally have a much higher conversion rate. This is due to them already having product knowledge, knowing what they expect from you, and knowing what they are already paying for a like to like service. B2C leads are initially cheaper, but you many acquire a high number of leads that are just browsing and looking for information. Without an automated nurturing campaign running side by side your leads can go cold very quick. 

Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation is a form of digital marketing. This type of marketing is based purely on generating leads via the internet with the use of social media, content marketing and SEM (paid Search Engine Marketing).

To manage your own online marketing, you must be familiar with CRM´s (Customer Relation Managers), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) SEM (Search Engine Marketing), social media marketing, email marketing and web design. Without a full understanding of the above, your lead conversion rate will be poor or non-existent.

Cost of telemarketing lead generation

The cost of generating leads for telemarketing purposes depends on your niche market, how broad your audience is, how you plan to store and use the data after the initial contact, as well as your required lead quantity. The cost of a good lead fluctuates, and rarely would you receive a lower CPL when buying in bulk. The more leads you require, the more likely it is that you will need additional software and CRM upgrades.

Other factors include lead quality. You can generate a single opted in lead for as little as £1 per lead if you have a broad audience. However, many of these leads will forget that they requested a call, may have auto filled details in contact forms by mistake, be unqualified, not answer the phone, or given incorrect telephone numbers if they only really wanted information via email.

A good quality, basic social media lead costs around £7 – £8 if you have a broad audience. These leads are more audience targeted and more responsive.

If you are only looking for HOT LEADS, then these can cost between £150 – £200+ per lead. These types of leads have gone through several marketing campaigns and sales funnels to be delivered as a high converting lead. Basically, these are the leads that come through saying “please can I buy your product or book your service”

Finding a good telemarketing lead generation company

You can find many companies that offer lead generation with a quick Google search. However, finding one that understands your market is key. 

The bigger companies are not always best

Sure, if you are looking for a bulk buy of data ready to be legally cold called, then the big companies are great. If you are looking for higher quality leads and customer service, opt for a smaller company. Smaller companies will often get to know your product prior to starting, ensuring that they can provide a better service and maintain permanent business with you.

Tips when choosing a telemarketing lead generation company

  1. If you ask for a quote and the company blurts out a figure, the leads will be of poor quality. They need to understand your business and should have many questions prior to knowing the cost per lead.
  2. Pay on delivery – If a company is confident, they will offer a small trial, or only charge once the qualified lead have been delivered to your satisfaction. More information regarding marketing companies working on commission only can be found here Marketing companies working on commission only! – THS Solutions (
  3. Pay for quality – better quality leads can reduce the number of employees your need. Rather than having a call centre of 30 full time employees, you could get the same result with a hand full of telemarketers dialling better quality leads.

If you are looking for a company that can provide your call centre with leads, speak to THS Solutions today. Use our contact form on the link below and we would love to discuss your marketing requirements!